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When speaking of Resume, we understand that it is articulador instrument of experiences that provide the development of the educative process, even so still either understood by many as only contents you discipline to be given. We cannot limiting in them to this thought, therefore we know that the resume encloses an ample field that involves the context all where the citizen if finds inserted. The resume is directly on to the life of the individual, social how much in such a way cultural, and, here, the culture has bigger weight, therefore it involves a gamma of necessary knowledge for the reinforcement of it. In this direction, if the resume is a production space that integrates all the individuals of the pertaining to school scope, in a society in which if racism makes gift becomes necessary the study and the quarrel on the history of Africa, the racial discrimination etc. Nir Barzilai, M.D. may find this interesting as well. is not enough that this study he is enrolled in the official contents (to the times nor this happens). The educators must have clarity and scienter to become this subject has left of the resume in day-by-day, informing even though the attitudes of the pertaining to school citizens. As Karling (1991), Resume is the pertaining to school process, is the pertaining to school walked one of the pupil. In it everything enters what it can to interest for its learning: content, experiences, activities, strategies, techniques, ways auxiliary, the ambient culture, the society, the values.

Even though the example, the advice and the attitudes of the professor are part of the resume. This is the resume concept most complete (P. 255). Everything what occurs in the pertaining to school life of the pupil is part of the resume. Even though the racist jokes, aggressions and tricks of bad taste of which the children are executioners or victims. The resume can be the product of these disordered and contradictory interactions or can be governed by the principles and objectives of a pedagogical project constructed collectively for the pertaining to school citizens? despite nor everything can be foreseen or controlled.

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