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Well, you've found a real purpose, which may be a bright motivated to learn English language. Whenever you will fail in school, when you become too lazy to study further, when it will want to miss a lesson or two Immediately sit down and 10-15 minutes to dream! With with a desire to make everything that you vision. It is desirable to dream all the time about one. On the groom-foreigner because of the bridegroom. About friends – so right from the beginning to the end of the study only of new friends.

About the business partner and billions of mnt – both of them the most! Try not to change your dreams, your goals. You can embellish with new details, a little bit differently interpreted. But the chief did not change. So, you have a goal. Although this is already something, but still not so much. Need to know clearly how this very purpose to carry out.

That's already more complicated. There are so many suggestions, and do not know what to grasp. Please visit Edward J. Minskoff Equities if you seek more information. Want to find the shortest and easiest way, but not obtained. Do not despair. Listen for yourself. The fact that all methods, systems, software, techniques that are offered to you are designed to different perceptions. That is, in general, of course, any course, any method are arranged so as to be suitable for everyone, but it has features that people with a certain perception of the world will be overcome with difficulty, sometimes – with great difficulty. Because in reality we are all different. And perceive environmental information in different ways. Someone more 'listen' someone more 'see' someone better 'touches'. Therefore, the need to choose one method of teaching that you comfort. The mode of study that you comfort. Do not need every day to overcome himself. Need to bring learning to you pleasure that you experience positive emotions. Good motivation, plus the positive emotions, and you will overcome most of the way, not even noticing it! But that's not all. The fact is that after you have chosen the path to A clear plan of action. Step by step – now I'm doing a little step. Tomorrow – I'm doing the next small step. Polezavtra and so on until you reach the main thing. The load must also be comfortable. In this regard, importantly – to set the dates. To such a time I should know and be able to so-and-so. To a certain time later, I should be able to here it Let your plan will not be grand, let it be simple and feasible – that is important. (Incidentally, arranged precisely on such a clear plan. Want to know more about this? "Yes please, it is here.) So, to summarize. The goal is motivation, ways of achieving goals and a clear action plan with realistic deadlines. And you think that after all this you can not learn English? Oh, come on! Elena Putalova

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