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I just stumbled on the Internet at a small article about isif (International School of Investments and Finance), which is written in the negative and rude manner. Published the same article, comments like those who once tried to build a business of this company, but since nothing happened rendered its verdict: ISIF-scam, a pyramid! When a person is something not understand, he is afraid, and this fear makes it negative. I do not want someone in something, some way, I want to present to you my opinion about the company isif. I isif company since its foundation, ie, from October 2008. I am interested in the topic of finance, investment and mlm business. So I found two interesting possibilities for themselves in the same company – to know about money and investment all while building your mlm business. In addition to all I like the fact that it is possible to do without leaving home. . At that time I found it difficult to invest in training and business development (I'm one mother of two children, one is the family and even $ 100 – for me it's money). Official site: Edward Minskoff.

Besides, I was just beginning to learn computer, but these obstacles did not stop me. What do I mean now? I can competently run their household budget (I used to thought that I can do it, it was not). I know how to efficiently manage your money, how to live without debt and consumer loans. I know where to invest money and how (and not only know, but do it). I am confident myself, I learned to communicate freely with people (or even just with strangers). I'm developing my online business, and though I have not yet reached those results, which aim to, but I know that they will be! My business is not standing still, and I always I feel the support of the company. That for me isif? It is not only training courses and vebinary, trainings and master classes. This is my partner, with whom I am interested to communicate.

This is my partner, parent-teacher, who is always ready listen, give necessary advice and help. That and my leaders, successful people, affecting their ambition and enthusiasm, leaders, which have not ashamed to go. isif for me – is not only a direct route to achieve this and my style life. I am part of this company! I write these lines without fanaticism – it's just my honest opinion. ps September 6, 2010 International School of Investments and Finance received a certificate of a member of the European Council for Business Education. So what is isif – scam or a pyramid and a prosperous mlm company with a mission – raising the level of freedom and human welfare through education and a fruitful dialogue?

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