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Venezuela country that we are concerned, in the present tense faces a serious crisis in higher education, where many universities have lost their way, are not integrated into the country's needs, training professionals able to generate the changes that are demanded and to successfully face the challenges and opportunities that arise. He has forgotten its commitment to many universities, role, social responsibility, especially because they have a team of authorities in accordance with the requirements for example, that demand the Bolivarian revolution in favor of what they called XXI Century Socialism, all so, why, who are always involved are the same as integrated power groups, groups, and rooted for decades, maintaining its traditionalism, its influence, and have parceled out to some universities, according to their personal interests and not those of Forgets the university community as someone has already expressed that the University has a responsibility to regional leadership, as a designer of the future and as institution identified and consistent with the times, able to adapt to the realities of the present without compromising the provision of a different and better future. In fulfilling this mission the University must increase the training of human resources with a sense of belonging to the region and help to create leaders in various fields and activities. Many universities have neglected their academic excellence, quality education and have failed to be recognized nationally and internationally for the excellence of his academic output, reflected in the comprehensive training and professional quality of its graduates, the level of service and other activities and in a continuous process of technological modernization.

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