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The Cuyo rivers fly fishing is a very attractive option for lovers of this sport around the world. Many are inclined to this proposal during their holidays in Mendoza, seduced by the challenging trout arco iris, Queen of the waterways of the region. Stay San Pablo is one of the many places in the province of Mendoza that offer fishing excursions. In addition to the day in the River, stay provides a full service of meals and accommodation for those who want to spend the night there. This type of excursion starts early in the morning, when the tourists moved to Tupungato, in the beautiful Valle de Uco. There is the estancia San Pablo, resting on the base of the Andes, at an elevation of 2000 meters above the sea level.

The homeowners receive guests with a breakfast of welcome of great importance. Scrambled eggs, toast and coffee will provide visitors to enough energy to face the day of fishing. Horse riding and guided by the hosts, who reveal their best workplaces chop, the day will be flying, in fact, fishing in streams of the mountains near the ranch. At noon is a well deserved break for lunch. The plentiful snack consists of trout cooked in a sauce of white wine, fresh salads, some the best meat cuts and, obviously, delicious regional wines. The desktop is brief, because all are eager to wield the cane again and challenge to the River, which seems more overwhelming trout than ever. Until the sun goes down completely, fishermen return to the estancia San Pablo and prepare for dinner, which consists of chicken baked or homemade pastas, accompanied by meat pies, also made in house.

The Group of tourists spends the night in the room, retrieving forces for the next morning, which will return to combat quickly and cunning of the coveted trout Rainbow. This picturesque and charming stay could not be more peaceful. Ideal to relax and enjoy nature while practicing a bit of fly fishing. Who He knows. It may that luck is on your side and manages to catch one of these elusive and cunning trout Rainbow. What better trophy to take back to the hotel in Mendoza, is not true? Original author and source of the article.

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