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The Owner


Yes, I was angry at him, but if I wanted to part with him, then he would have kicked him out of the house. What do I do now? Who to go for justice? Now and onlookers stopped laughing and looked around startled slave around, as if suddenly found himself on the edge of a dangerous pit. Freedom, which only yesterday seemed to him the Garden of Eden, he suddenly appeared in all its horrific form. Now he was not a house where they beat him, no home, where his feed and provide accommodation. There was nowhere to go, and the servant ran to his knees before sitting in the dust of the owner. – Do not chase me, sir! – He cried out loudly. – My house is here, and I do not want to move away from you.

You were always good and right owner, and if I got it from you, then they deserved. I’ll serve you honestly, just do not drive me! – Yes, from where he came from, this tramp? – Murmur in the crowd. – What does he want here that he came to teach us their own laws? Let him go where go, then we will not touch it. Zarathustra smiled bitterly, and raising his face to the sky and said loudly: – Lord! You see, today I showed these people their freedom. The whole huge world that you gave them possession. But like a stone without support does not hang in the air, and these people call themselves free, they tied themselves to their carts and their owners. Let. Forgive them their weakness.

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