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Petersburg, admitted: "I am very happy that it happened. I had the most to look the way to the hotel, I coped with it and Then, not wanting to waste time at the hotel, using maps and guides looked several places on their own. I felt like Columbus. So pleased to be a pioneer. At the same time feel the full Security. "The road Myth: Japan to get a long and very difficult.

This is not tak.Yaponsky traveler, shipwrecked on the Peninsula, code get to St. Petersburg with wintering deer and about two years. Direct flights to St. Petersburg – Tokyo executed in the mode of charter flights several times a year. 767 (777) flies there 8:00 and 9 back.

Regular daily direct flights from Moscow to hold different airlines. Flight time – in within 10 hours. The usual route from St. Petersburg: You can fly via Moscow (travel time from leaving home to hotel accommodation in Tokyo – 20 hours), via (17 hours), Seoul (14 hours), Frankfurt (23 hours), Paris (23 hours). Way through Seoul easy and enjoyable. In supermodern Seoul airport to eat, get a massage in the evening and arrive at the hotel in Japan. The road through Moscow is convenient that the night goes on an airplane. With the right approach can sleep. Arrive in Japan early in the morning and all day at our disposal. This is the most convenient in terms of time saving way. The road through the Paris or Frankfurt – for those who have a Schengen visa and wish to a day or two in Europe on the way there or back.

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