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The Museum Fair


The next Monday night day 2 of will take place the traditional lighting of the Seville April fair.Latest rooms for the fair of April will give start the more universal celebration of the city. A total of 1,047 booths, distributed on an area of 450,000 m2, arranged in 24 apples at the same time comprising 15 different streets, the Feria de Abril will be illuminated with approximately 235,000 bulbs. Return to Sevilla in a world will be the motto of this cover, which is intended to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the Earth. Five hundred years that will be fulfilled in 2019, but whose ephemeris wants to give already known to the city of Seville with one of instruments with greater power of disclosure, as it is the cover of the fair. The design has been the work of Jacinto Gutierrez.

In shades of blue, resembling the color of the sea, the home has three large arches on which lie three large circles, one of whom is represented the nao Victoria with some mild yellow strokes. The central circle, which is the largest, is a rose of the winds with the anagram of the Town Hall. Tops all the logo of Seville 2019-2022, just the dates of commemoration of the departure and tour of the aforementioned nao of his tour of the world. Its weight is 183,000 pounds of weight and dimensions are 51 meters wide by high 43. Each arch will have about 11 meters of height. You still have the possibility of making your booking at our hotels in Seville Monte Triana and Monte Carmelo, both within easy walking distance of the Real of the Feria de Abril. For this purpose, can be accessed through the following links, which take you directly to the booking engine: book room at the HOTEL MONTE TRIANA 90/night book room at the HOTEL MONTE CARMELO 104/night is cancelled the show from April 10, XNL by reshaping of the waiter at fair Trelew job offers: closed a ballroom after a bottle between Disney World to convert rooms in princesses El Museo de Bellas Artes Suites offers a walk through the myth and the reality The Museum of fine arts offers a walk through the myth and reality to Hotel Monte Triana review

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