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Smoking is one of the worst habits that a person can have. If you are a smoker, I am sure that at some point this claim offended you. Do not called you a little attention that if I say something wrong cigarette, you feel personally wounded? This is a common sign, and speaks clearly of the tremendous addiction that there is in this conduct. On the other hand, it is important to point out that numerous people who permanently use methods of self-improvement with success, are very difficult to stop smoking in particular. Here are some points to think why it already it is accurate to say goodbye to this bad habit and above all, believing that it is possible, which tends to be the toughest obstacle to overcome, since at this altitude in almost all cases the nicotine has taken control of the body and, with it, many of the thoughts. When Alfred Hitchcock made his film Psycho, he chose very well plans to create a feeling of fear. The shower scene would not be the same if it were done in pastel colours, with the camera, with very open planes and movements with a very romantic music. Hitchcock used images in black and white, dark, very closed plans, many followed by planes and a very intranquilizadora music.

He knew very well what I wanted to achieve. The brain works the same way. Think of a situation in which you can avoid doing something (for example, stop eating chocolate) and compare it with the situation in which you can not avoid stop light a cigarette. It depends on the feeling that we have, you create a different internal images. That is why it is very important to discover the differences between the image which cannot avoid light a cigarette (the image of psychosis, for example), another image in which you can decide to not do something (a romantic movie, for example).

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