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Suburban Housing


Every year in our country increases the amount of suburban housing. Covetable houses were made of wood. Indeed, in many ways the country house of wood exceeds the stone and concrete counterparts. First of all, wooden house is more economical. Of course, such woods as oak, cedar or foreign breeds, rather expensive. But it is possible to use cheaper wood.

For example, a home from a bar can be quite expensive for not a very rich man, but its quality is quite meet the highest requirements. As a resting place, the wooden house – just perfect. In them, really easy and a pleasure to be many, happens in such homes, agree with this. There is a very interesting property of wood as a building material. He maintains an optimum temperature in any weather conditions. That is, can not be afraid of both low and extremely high temperature outside your home. In any case, modern mixes, unfortunately, does not possess such properties and the house is made of these mixtures, often hot summers and chilly winters.

Plus, the fashion and legitimate interest to safe non-toxic materials further added scores wooden houses. Of course, the wooden building has its own characteristics that need to know and consider when design and direct construction. For example, it is necessary to take into account the surrounding buildings and other structures directly adjacent to the house. Interior and furniture wooden houses must comply with uniform style buildings. Unacceptable, plastic and other new materials that conflict with the design of your log.

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