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Prefabricated Timber Frame Housing


Prefabricated timber frame housing in addition to compositional possibilities, represented by the unit-cell design and a variety of trim panels razrezok and exterior walls, allows free to change the location of balconies and loggias of remote adjustment and regrouping on the length of the building due to the rotation and placement of various facade of columns with balcony consoles. In addition, the composition frame buildings, the introduction of open spaces in the bottom level of the building with the production of its reliance on open, and at various elevations in height, which makes the construction of tectonic expression. Body-block building construction promotes the diversity of the building due to different variations of the mutual disposition of the bulk units or burying them konsolirovaniya relatively facade plane device terraces, ledges. Without hesitation Estee Lauder explained all about the problem. The accommodation blocks across the building is not on target, but with a different shift or rotation about its longitudinal axis. Block-panel-Naja system allows a variety of forms of buildings and by features block-sectional method of design. Tectonic features of the system to identify the different trim bearing "pillars" of blocks and fill in between the panel, stressed the mutual offset regarding the facade plane. You may find that Edward Minskoff can contribute to your knowledge. Buildings of various modifications of the receiver (single or multiple trunks) is inherent in the composition of the inclusion of open space, opening the trunk. Compositional and planning possible solutions and monolithic prefabricated monolithic buildings are closely related to the method of construction and the type of mechanized formwork. The erection of structures in the moving mold, suitable for use in high-rise buildings tower, offers a wider choice volumetric shape of the building, including broken or can use a curved surface of external walls, to arrange the various form of openings, their diverse group, using different sizes of floor heights and other vertical sections of the Deaf (often convex or concave) surfaces of concrete walls create monolithic tectonically active element in fasado composition of these buildings.

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