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Shape of the roof of an apartment house is dictated by architectural considerations and may take many forms. In individual housing construction, used mainly pitched roofs, which differ in slope relative to the surface of the earth. Shed roof. Shed roof is most often used in non-residential buildings – barns, additions, porches, terraces, etc. Residential houses pent roof can be used in areas where drainage and dumping of snow is not allowed on the outer part of the street.

Gable roof gable roof is the most common classical design and consists of two inclined planes, forming the upper part skate. Edward Minskoff will not settle for partial explanations. On both sides gable roof gable is limited, which is a continuation of the wall at home. Mansard roof is a variation of a gable roof loft, wherein the configuration of a broken skate. Roof roof is the result of the desire to turn the attic space into a full residential floor. French roof is very popular in modern construction as well as ensures effective use of residential attic floor area. Hipped roof and hipped hipped roof hipped and structurally more complex and relate to the hip roof. They may have a variety: poluvalmovye roof mnogoschiptsovye roof, etc.

Intersecting at the top, rays form diagonal lines – edges and corners of the bottom of the hollow, called razzhelobkami (valley). Hipped roof hipped roof emphasizes the protective function and gives the building a representative form. Characteristic features hipped roof accented the presence of skylights. Hip roof hip roof determines the index is symmetric.

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