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Apply instruments of this type can be for work outdoors or for heating, in which there is no long-stay people. With indirect heat, thanks to the device unit, the combustion products do not fall in a heated room so they can be used in places with long people stay. By type of installation stand, portable and stationary heat gun. Portable apply for a non-permanent heating. They are usually used to stoitelnyh sites, garages, etc.

Mobile heat gun is usually made trendy from 2 to 30 kW. Given the specificity of the producers made them into a robust housing, resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. Produced a model for use in particularly wet and fire facilities. Stationary heat guns have a greater heat output, easy to install. Under normal conditions, they provide the cheapest way permanent space heating. When applying more automation is possible to set special modes for central heating, which will provide additional savings. For example, you can set different temperatures modes for periods of time in which there are no people in the room: on weekends and at night. For a safe and uniform heating with heat guns need a competent installation of thermal units.

For example, in rooms with high ceilings (more than 5 m) heat gun to equip the guide for submission of the accumulated warm air near the ceiling down. This device can act as a ceiling fan. At installing the product, indirect heating in confined spaces provide the exhaust out through the chimney. If the unit is placed in a closed room and the exhaust gases are not output through the chimney must provide good ventilation with a minimum vozdohoobmenom so that within an hour was replaced by 2.5 volume of air of this room. If you need should provide an opening for air inlet and bottom opening for air at the top. If the room is often open doors, windows, gates, then you should choose a heat gun with extra headroom. The user must comply with the measures of fire security. For example, subject to the following safe distance from any objects to the generator air: the side: the top 0.60 m: 1.50 m part of the intake air: 0.60 m From the exit of hot air: 3.00 m Heat gun direct heating MASTER. Heat gun indirect heating MASTER. Stationary heater MASTER GREEN 115 diesel burner This article describes the main criteria for selecting heat guns. If you have any questions, you can always turn to consultants Tool Trading House by calling 314-658, 696-143, 692-710, 694-645 (city code 3852) and you will receive skilled advice on the choice of the thermal unit. Sincerely, Alexander Kochetov

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