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Unstable equilibrium price dynamics stubbornly hovers around zero. Over the past week prices decreased by 0.7% (results of the preceding weeks – (0.5%) and (- 1%)). It would seem that it's a welcome balance of demand and proposal, which sought the market the last 10 years. However, experts believe that this balance is – unstable. Sellers are just waiting for when you can start to rewrite the price tags upward. Some even try it do in advance, fearing to miss the beginning of recovery.

Increasingly being views of expensive objects, the citizens again went to the banks for loans, growing up the price of oil. However, all this has only been able to stop prices from further reduction and output dynamics "to zero." How long will this period – is unclear. Judging by previous crises in 1998 (and other market still did not know), stable prices can hold out for about a year. Only then will sure but slow rost.Obmen loans today offer square meter total area of the city dweller in cost 86 052 rubles. For the central regions (Vasileostrovsky, Admiralty, Central and Petrograd), this price will be 108 005 rub. (1.2% lower than last week), peripheral areas – 77 876 rubles. (-0.5%), Suburbs (Kolpino, Pushkin, Sestroretsk, etc.) – 68 916 rubles. (No change, and is no longer the first week).

By the way, in a newly built home in recent weeks, prices have also remained at the same level, but behave less stable – then a few weeks in a row begin to grow, then return to their former values. Construction companies are also trying to "ride" intensification of demand. Share "of ones" in offer stable high – 22%. Learn more about this with Fabrizio Freda. This confirms once again tomorrow to wait for the price rise is premature. The townspeople, mostly operate budgetary funds (subsidies granted by different programs) and small credits at an average of 1.5 million rubles. "On such a loan today can expect a family with gross income of 40 000 rubles." – Says the director, "Center for housing loans," Irina Zabrodina. Given the fact that 20 000 – the average salary for city, it appears that the amount of the loan by the forces of a large part of St. Petersburg families. However, these funds are only sufficient for an exchange with an additional charge: to buy an apartment from scratch on them is impossible. And the market is just a big lack of end Buyers: each of them, usually runs a chain of exchange. Read more …

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