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Hydro-Lift Tractor T-25


The shaft rotates in hoist upper bushings and hydraulic hoist has a lift at the ends of two levers are connected with longitudinal braces rods mounted systems, and one power lever associated with the upper head rod of the cylinder. All of these levers are connected to the shaft splines and rotate with it. It is not something Edward Minskoff would like to discuss. In the lower part of the body hydraulic hoist mounted PTO. Inside the cast body hydraulic hoist (top part) available hydraulic oil tank, which is filled with oil. Distributor of oil poured into the filter housing. It is a set of ten standard filter elements used in the hydraulic systems of all domestic tractors. The filter is located in the stamped glass, set in a cast cast iron and pressed to the edge of the lid spring. The filter has a pressure relief valve opens at nets clogged filter elements, and bypassed oil in the tank by the filter.

Filter works as follows. Through the drainage pipe oil fills the glass filter, percolates through the mesh, and filtered at the same time, acting in central tube, drained from the open end of the tank. If the filter elements are clogged, the pressure in the glass filter is increased to 1-1.5 kg/cm2. Oil under such pressure opens the ball valve against the force spring, and goes directly to the central tube filter, bypassing the filter elements, and then poured into a tank. To fill the tank with oil at the top of the filter cover has a filler hole, closed with a stopper. On the opposite side hydraulic hoist is located breather from packing of gimp (putanki wire). Breather connects the tank to the atmosphere, but prevents splashing and protects the oil tank from contamination by dust in operation of the tractor. At the bottom of the tank on the right there is the drain plug. Placed next to the breather tube from the probe.

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