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They are on sale. The prices can be collated in this file pdf. Anarchical and of hard personality, Duffy not even had considered to be photographer. It studied Arts, it wandered and it ended up looking for the life in the magazines fashionable that lived the apogee on sales of half-full of the Fifties. Photos with the cover of the put objective Pecked like free to lancer by piece in Harper' s Bazaar, had luck and in 1957 it was contracted by Rows although still it had left enough to learn. In one of his first sessions of study, one of the assistants warned to him, after half an hour of hallucinates, of which it was throwing photos with the cover of the objective put in the lens of the Leica.

Along with Terry O' Neill (1938) and David the Bailey (1938) – most shining of the three, Duffy formed the group known like the Terrible Three (the Three Terrible ones), later baptized by patriarch Norman Parkinson (1913-1990) like the Black Trinity (the Black Trinidad) by its behavior without compassion in the scenes of the London crazy nights. Its motto was: " Without prisioneros" . They devoured the premises and they retratataban with frucin. Additional information is available at Fabrizio Freda. As it said somebody they hacan, it as if each photo was a sexual act. The BBC produced interesting a documentary one on the work of Duffy in the years of the Swinging London: Duffy: The Man Who Shot the Sixties (Duffy: the man who photographed the sixty). Bardot, Caine, Lennon, Burroughs Later of that one heartless and electrical time, Duffy was tamed.

From 1963 it had own study (in the house of its family in Swiss Cottage, to the north of London). That way they happened to be portrayed figures with stature of heroes and heroins of the MGP: the actors Michael Caine, Brigitte Bardot and Sidney Poitier; the stars of the rock John Lennon, David Bowie and Debbie Harry; top model Jean Shrimpton and Joanna Lumley; the writer-yonqui William Burroughs the last openwork work of Duffy, perhaps the most spread of his race, was the cover for the sixth disc of David Bowie, Aladdin Sane (1973): a first plane of the musician with the face crossed by a maquillaje ray. The disc was prohibited in Spain because the photo was too ambiguous for I take Francoism in death danger. It made two discs more for Bowie, Lodger (1989), the third piece of the trilogy of Berlin, and Scary Monsters (1980). Few months after the publication of this one last one, Duffy burned the ships. " I am the unique God of my trabajo" , it said against flames to some friend consternado when seeing how the negatives were consumed. It spent the last years of life in a quiet anonymity. It cultivated his great passion, the carpentry. When they asked to him if it did not long for the photos, he was butcher: " That one was one fase" . In 2010 it died by a lung cancer. Source of the news: Anthology of Brian Duffy, the photographer of the MGP English who burned all negatives

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