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1. Nir Barzilai, M.D. usually is spot on. Where are the potential customers?There are several sources which can access to create your own list of potential clients and send direct mail or telephone contacts. Direct marketing and the serious sources mailing lists are a convenient way to identify and obtain precise and targeted for your business sales charts. Another good source of potential customers is its current customer base offer discounts, gifts or other incentives to customers who bring you new business once you have a list, is time to start the sales process. A good habit is to communicate with the majority of potential customers early in the morning, or after 6 p. m. many times, it is possible that these calls are received by persons responsible for taking decisions. Remember to comply with the rules not to call and unsubscribe (or other applicable law) before making any kind of direct promotion.

2 Ask do not report. A sales call is not the time to prove everything that you know, It is time to discover what you don’t know about the prospect and what they don’t know you. Many vendors use sales calls to educate potential customers about your products, services and industry, thinking that this will stimulate interest. Knowledge is not its what sells, but the effectiveness with which adapts such knowledge to meet the specific needs of your potential customers. If the potential customer feel that you provide information that does not fit your needs, loses his interest and stops listening to him. 3 Ask the correct questions. The only way to discover the needs and expectations of customers potential is asking certain questions: what results expected to get? What is the most important thing for you? why? If you could eliminate two or three of their biggest headaches, what would? What factors do you consider when you choose a provider?Listen carefully to their responses; ask more questions for clarity if necessary.

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