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Pontoons are floating bodies, they can be made from different materials. Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning pursues this goal as well. Even if the materials used have a higher density than the water swimming pontoons on the water, because the immersed part of the pontoons in the water is lighter than the displaced water and the total weight of the pontoons to the total weight of water displaced by it corresponds. Often, large cavities incorporated into the pontoons, or contain material which many small air spaces. This method saves material and weight and made in certain proceedings a higher strength. By this air space has a floating body in spite of the heavy material (concrete or steel, etc.) have a lower average density than water. Pontoons see your application for example as a jetty, pontoon or work as well as floating terraces for restaurants and theater. Pontoons are anchored mostly on the side posts or body but also focus on the stream bottom.

For the floating body with pontoons Different materials can be used. For example, concrete, aluminum, steel or plastic (PE). There are also pontoon boats with three or four rows. Pontoon boats are primarily used on inland waters and are quiet in the water than conventional boats. Pontoon boats offer a flat deck with maximum space utilization. Floating body made of aluminum has the disadvantage that the metals react under certain circumstances, with the water.

This can happen particularly in chemically polluted water. As a result of this reaction leads to pitting, and fatigue fractures can occur. Only very high-quality alloys and are thus counteracting costly. A work boat is a floating design, which perform the use of the various works on the water is used. The pontoon work boats, are characterized by low maintenance, care and maintenance, shallow draft (use also possible at low tide), good maneuverability, flat deck with maximum space utilization and the Possibility of inclusion of various superstructures.

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