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What should be – taken at time of booking a holiday home hints and tips, to start with serenity the vacation. Most of us yearn for vacation, to be able to recover the single period, away from the work stress congested on and really switch off from everyday life. Holiday is as important and as positive a booked holiday only weeks prior to the holiday affects our everyday lives, shows beautifully in the Dutch study of the quality of life of Jeroen Nawijn from 2010. Here, approximately 1500 Dutch were studied and divided into two groups: booking holiday and not booking persons. The feeling to be happy people, a holiday booked much more pronounced than in the subjects who have booked a holiday only weeks before the holiday. When you return to everyday life the happiness lasted usually but only a few days in the best and rarest case times up to 8 weeks. But then often fall into the “post holiday syndrome”, a relief of depression. Professor Egon Stephan from Cologne (in conversation with Christoph Driessen in under the heading of Psychology), which expresses itself through mood and stops the average 14 days.

Best to save himself with much work back from the black hole of out of the negative mood and with the idea that the next holiday comes soon. But what if he turns so long holidays longed for in a veritable nightmare? Unfortunately, there is read again sad holiday reports on the Internet. Where travellers share their negative experiences with Internet scammers. You have succumbed to offer of a fantastic holiday apartment directly at the lake or sea, swimming pool or in a great forest location to the ridiculously low price. The mandatory deposit was done of course before the holiday, because this belongs to the usual accounting standards. Spot the then expected the nasty surprise.

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