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For Owners Of Holiday Homes, A New Era Begins!


First Internet portal with Germany’s best 5 * holiday apartment goes online. Ahrensburg, 02.08.2010 alone in Germany there are countless Internet portals, on the landlords and agencies from all over the world their apartments holiday guests can make available. The offer ranges from free portals until down to that several hundred euro fee for a one-year term calculate. Now starts soon global apartments GbR with new Web portal which is marked and clearly in the operation of a clear structure. A slideshow with large images from different regions, that longing for distant lands makes fascinated already on the home page. If you are not convinced, visit Edward Minskoff. When looking at this, you want to prefer going to pack his suitcase and travel. The best option is one guaranteed on this attractive portal, which you can book directly with the landlord. The representation of European countries in the form of a globe is unique.

Go with the cursor of the countries that you can rotate the ball in the desired direction. Click on the desired holiday destination to get a concise collection of all accommodations in the target region. The first and only global Internet portal also Germany’s best presents 5-star holiday apartment, which was awarded only in German history with the maximum number of points than ever before. Furthermore, the visitor finds a wide range of exclusive and luxurious holiday homes from all over Europe. Owners and landlords of holiday homes offered a particularly attractive, to set their homes on a future-oriented portal in the first month from the start. For landlords and agencies that want to add a larger number of apartments or houses, there are also unbeatable conditions. Interested parties who want to start from the very first moment with us, already can mail global contact apartments in contact. Have still already hundreds of owners and holiday house agencies Made use of.

Contact directly at. Contact: Global apartments GbR Reinhard Holewa & Thorsten Altmann Hamburger Strasse 50 22926 Ahrensburg / Germany Tel. + 49 (0) 4102 998 666 fax: + 49 (0) 40 3801 789 4292 homepage: E-mail: the company global apartments was founded by Reinhard Holewa & Thorsten Altmann in 2010 in and offers the visitors on a site that is appealing and easy to use free booking holiday apartments and holiday houses in Germany, Europe and in the rest of the world. Customized features and services make the page as unique as atmospheric images from different regions. In addition to all the many exclusive and luxurious holiday homes also Germany’s best is present 5-star holiday apartment, which presents itself for the first time and on the single portal.

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