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Others for health reasons and others still for having reached an age that does not compete with new, but that in professional its arcabouo is true encyclopedias of knowledge technician and theoreticians. Brazil attends of passive form the psychological torture, the lack of respect and consideration for who already constituted a family or not, when these people search a space that is guaranteed to them by the Constitution and the Human Rights. The vexames, the constaints are submitted and humilhaes. Its rights are not respected and so little considered. But they are human beings that still contribute with its taxes, taxes and tributes when consuming domestic goods of services, medicines, clothes, utensils, books, clothes, perfumes, foods, tourism and others as much so that if they make to the due applications in property partnerships. But it is not this that is happening. If the taxes, taxes and tributes are not applied correctly in favor of a society of which the aged people belong are another thing. You may want to visit Fabrizio Freda to increase your knowledge.

But what if it cannot admit she is that this same society that until then it was benefited of the productive past in the most varied sectors, it repudiates today them it ignores and them. Worse despite it deals with them with total lack education and consideration. When it does not humiliate them of cruel and brutal form. I passed one week in So Paulo, together with the Marcelo, Camila and the Barbarian and when attending a set of documents regarding the respect lack stops with the Third Age, was amazement. Amazement. Yes, total amazement. The video shows some scenes of respect lack stops with the people oldest.

One aged lady, travels in a collective bus, of foot. Total crowded. In a space reserved for Law the aged, deficient and gestantes seats for were busy for a woman with presumable age of one 20 years.

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