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Key events of the real estate market and the Kirov Kirov Region in the period from 25 to 27 October in the Kirov was the second specialized exhibition "Real Estate 2007" co-organizer was the 'Vyatka Association of Professional real estate market participants' (VAPURN). Official site: Ron Beit. The purpose of the event – attracting investment in the construction of residential and commercial real estate, assistance in implementing the project "Available and comfortable housing" and the establishment of civilized relations between the market real estate. During the event participants and guests had the opportunity to share information, receive counseling, attend seminars and live communication for the current market issues. In October, the Kirov has opened yet another shopping center "Cherkizovsky" on the street. Hlebozavodskoy fare.

Renovated building has high performance on interior design and planning of a successful and low rental rates. At the opening of the occupancy of the area was secured by about 30%. For potential tenants, makes no claims to the location of the object, open up new opportunities for expansion and development business. In November, at the Euro-Asian forum of investment and innovation in Yekaterinburg in the presentation of the Geographic Information System of the Kirov region Investor.Kirov.ru, presented investment projects of the Kirov region. Particular attention is the forum attracted a draft shopping mall Shopping center, projected in the triangle of streets Vorovskogo Ulyanovsk and Moscow. The project concept was appreciated experts and by the end of the Forum of "Chain of commercial real estate" was awarded the Diploma.

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