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And once a company's e-mail spam has come a letter which could not immediately removed because it is very drew our attention – it was in verse. Think for yourself – even a couple of lines, composed in rhyme, certainly attracts attention, and if these lines are written professionally (exactly what the above has been called "zest") they certainly will at some time in memory. Namely, it is one of the main problems of the customer poems, especially if the order is made for promotional purposes – storing the company name, brand goods, services, etc. Each written ONION Media poem is original, each embedded in a piece of the soul, the company tries to avoid cliches in verse, takes the templates in verse is not repeated, probably, therefore, absolutely All customers are not just the agency happy, and are delighted, thereby encouraging the company to future work. After all, the greatest pleasure you get exactly when, handing the finished work, you can see glowing eyes, hear the words, "Yes, this is exactly what we wanted, we will now apply only to you" – said a joyous voice. So, quietly, the main focus of the advertising agency ONION-Media has been writing greetings and poems to order. What else attracts customers to work with the company ONION Media? The Agency may write poems very quickly today describes the customer verbally that he would like to see in verse format, and tomorrow – can pick up a poem.

But if you order in poetry is very serious and thorough – the company will not take the time to write thoughtfully and deeply on the theme of unhappy love, and confession, and the wedding, and … on the anniversary no less attractive to customers that the BOW-media works with all regions and countries – availability of the Internet erases all borders and time zones. Company's customers have become residents of the Far East, Siberia, Kaliningrad region and other regions. "The exclusive line will be when each order, no fuss and no hassle – will be in ecstasy …"

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