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Sumito Estevez


From this evening at 22 hours from Argentina, may be seen across the channel signal from the cable television gourmet.com, a new program of Venezuelan chef Sumito Estevez, Gourmet India with Sumito.
Sumito was born in Venezuela but his maternal family is from India and this program runs through the land of their ancestors, through its cuisine and culture.
During the series of programs the cook will visit the cities deDelhi, Preetnagar, Amritsar, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Varanasi, Mumbai, Cochi, Bangalore and Chennai, displaying their wealth and their culinary traditions.
So those who want to make this trip to India through your TV, the citation is from tonight, on Tuesday and Thursday. On page of gourmet.com can consult schedules in different countries to which the signal reaches of the channel.
In addition if they want to know a little more experience Sumito in India can visit his blog. New Gourtmet.com program, Narda in Greece.

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