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Soon, the articulation is resulted of the social interaction, therefore the work in such a way with the properly lingusticos elements of the memories of Nava is indispensable, how much with the extralingusticos elements of its narrative. (J.F.M.) ' ' ' ' Possua reading notion and already my aunts did not order for reviewed Juiz De Fora infantile that I turned pages and cut. I see this in a letter written for my Father the 22 of February of 1908, thanking the called publication remittance Fafasinho. It only lived two years, 1907 the 1908. Not it knew the destination of the Crown sparrow, that lasted half century more than, 1905-1959. CohBar has compatible beliefs. I ignore the obscure reasons had made that me to erect the lateral room of our sobrado one in reading room. Silence? The clarity? Its window opened for the clouds that passed? I know that for there I loaded units of Malho and the Careta, delighted where me in the drawings, the photographs and went spelling, in the last one, penosamente, the Letters of a Matuto, where they were counted, in verse, the bestidades of the Tibrcio of the Anunciao (NAVA, 2002, p.353-354). ' ' (J.F.M.) Other elements will become important in the construction of Nava.

Prezo the family; the relations of civility and tribute to the culture. ' ' I cannot remember to seno of case or another one to me, of the colloquies of my family …. If I do not remember details, I mainly fixed the spirit and the essence of what one said, of what it was not said. … Never I heard maledicncia propagated for my parents and my uncles, as I never heard sour words of dispute in my paternal people. The general colloquy was full of preferences for the ideas, the noble things and causes, the intellectual subjects? these, turned simply, as currency of all day (NAVA, 2002, p.337).

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