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Themselves or who had gone against their road. For example, women often fall into this trap: they expect that they choose the path of the mother and housewife who goes to work, but the main task, it is to provide education for children and a comfortable living conditions for the whole family. And the woman suppresses a self, the need for self-realization, self-interest. You'll get a – a sense of themselves as "drive out". Or the case thus: give a child a child installation, for example, "our whole family – it's doctors, and you should be – a doctor," or "you have certain abilities and you have to develop them." And he begins to live unencumbered strangers expectations. What should I do? We need urgently to return to their own aspirations and interests.

Unless of course they will find that too often is a problem, since they have been suppressed for so long that already thoroughly forgotten. And last, the fifth case – hang at the "point of choice." It was he who most clearly seen as running in circles. Repetition of the same problems. The most difficult thing in this situation – see, I need to learn in order to overcome this situation. And here, well I'm afraid without help of a professional can not do. Being in the position of hang-ups, one can not objectively evaluate what is happening, it is in the so-called "tunnel consciousness", does not see the patterns of development. And yet, Many people are under the yoke of low self-esteem, just can not say that it is possible "is a situation that is happening to me – is a consequence of my bad choices and behavior." This is tantamount to fall below "Waterline". Easier for them to all be attributed to life circumstances and actions of others.

Therefore, until recently, they do not admit the need to work on myself, to change the situation. Sometimes it also happens that people found in several cases the formation of the problem. And in resolving it helps answer the questions: "why do I need in my life this situation? I got a lesson? that in itself should be changed? ". Often does not help anything no one but a good therapist.

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