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That does not mean that there are no excellent designs, with a good image very appropriate that you find on Google, but web designers are like advertising agencies sometimes campaigns that more awards they receive in Cannes, which have ruined the client who hired them because they have not sold or a package of detergent with the happy campaign. That is more friendly to a user: warranty and sincerity. You must not give you fear that data is yours or of your company in your own page.There are lots of pages appearing when you click on contact, only an anonymous form, Ehh, you’re asking that there are on the other side of the keyboard, to trust in you, maybe you buy, introduce yourself, tell them who you are, where these, a contact telephone number. If someone enters your shop or company you do not hide behind the counter, don’t hide, nor here. The next part is that your page is convenient and useful for your visitor/customer. Your pretty physical store, is clean, products view, comfortable for your client. Thinks in the same way; perhaps more vehemently although here there are millions of users, your competition is just a click, the shopping streets here that almost do not exist, are the first two pages of Google, and it is a club exclusive in which cannot be paid by be you you have to win. Your customer is not going to buy or hire for comfort, here does not have to go through 500metros to another store or business, it is by your side.

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