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With these apanhados of problems, we find of a side many disinterested pupils, whom the mathematics faces as an arduous but necessary substance its lives, and for another one, dissatisfied professors of its groups, therefore according to them, these pupils do not know nothing of what he was supposedly ' ' trabalhado' ' in classroom. He is to importantesalientarmos that the teach-learning process is composed for diverse activities that poderam to be organized by the professor, priorisando the assimilation, on the part of the pupils in question of abilities and habits, of development capacity intellectual, always objectifying the domain of the knowledge in its diverse applications. CONCLUSION The relations between professor, pupil and contents of completely on mathematics this to the dynamics, in such a way, the activities of education must be a coordinate process of teaching actions, where the mathematics professor will have to organize, with the maximum of possible care, its lessons, leading in account always the real necessities of its pupils in the diverse types of environments where they are inserted. It is important to resaltar that the education of the mathematics depends on the combination of the activity of the professor to teach with the one of the pupil to learn. Being thus we believe that the mathematics would have to be taught thus to the pupil seje stimulated to investigate, making to reason it. It would fit to the professor to not only stimulate this creativity in the pupil, endagada in the reflection on the accumulating knowledge, but yes, on its applications to too much sciences and technology of development.

on the other hand the school would have to offer resources so that this happens. If you would like to know more then you should visit Estee Lauder. We also need to have a position accomplishes of a professional who if worries truily as learning, that must exert the paper of a mediator between the society and the particularitity of educating. We must awake in educating the conscience of that they are not ready, sharpening in them the desire of if complementing, to enable to the exercise of a conscience it criticizes exactly of itself, the other and the world.

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