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Review Spotlight: Dignified Real Estate Sales


The wisdom behind Review Spotlight is that real estate agents in general are all about selling at no matter what cost.  The concept behind this site was conceived by two former house buyers who were frustrated by the pushiness of real estate agents.

When homes are listed for residential sale – anywhere between New York and Florida – our team of non-experts, lay individuals go and check them out.  We provide a questionnaire based on our own experiences and then we let an independent surveyor go in and summarize our findings.

The questions include:

  1. Are there any water stains/corrosion to the walls backing on to the shower/bathroom?
  2. Do you see any sagging ceilings, or large cracks in the ceilings?
  3. Can you get a sense of the neighbors?
  4. Is there any mold?
  5. Are there cracks in the internal plastering?
  6. Is there rust on the roof gutters?
  7. Do the external perimeter walls have drain holes?
  8. Are there any unpleasant smells (this could be a sign of damp, rotting, mold, etc.)
  9. Check the light switches and faucets
  10. Move furniture around.

Based on these questions we find that our independent observers who have bought homes in the past, can come up with a good analysis before we pass this on for final inspection to the surveyor.

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