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It compelled in them to use closed shoes, exactly in days of heat and low speech in the corridors, different good of the other teachers who had left the pupils to use what they wanted and to leave in front crying out the other rooms. It insisted on knowing why we delayed to come back of the recreation and she ordered in them to place the chairs in sequence. While the other professors accepted copied works of the Internet it made in them to comment each citation and still corrected the errors of Portuguese. It was almost an arrest. Our teacher had that to know who they were our parents and friends and what we made after the lesson. It insisted exactly that we said to it if we fossemos to lack, that was alone one day. if we lost the test, we had that to register to make another one.

The test, then, was so long that it seemed a periodical. We had shame to admit, but it violated the laws of the work. We had that to learn to make craft to obtain the things, to give reinforcement to the pupils with difficulties, of favour and, if we played garbage in the soil we had that to catch and to play in the hamper. It was a torture. Jorge Perez describes an additional similar source. It implied with all the smokers of the school. I find that it nor slept the night, thinking about things to order people to make in the following day: a work, one search, a summary, a summary, a visit. Any thing stops in ‘ ‘ esticar’ ‘ the brain and this meant: To read, to read, to read, to read, to read another time. It was capable to bring gifts for who read four literary books more than for month.

It is not a nonsense? It made each question, that who only read the book would know to answer. It always insisted with us for saying the truth to them, and only the truth. She said that more valley one 7,0 knowing the substance that one 10,0 glue. We never take off a zero with it, therefore she explained as many times that it was a canseira. But to have one 10,0 was not for any one. In day of test, it looked at the chairs and the palms of our hands to see if we had not placed some reminder. To gain a point we had that almost to load rocks. Our life in the school was exactly boat. While as much other groups played during the lessons, us we had that to be seated for at least two hours. They believe that in the hour of the interval we seated in them again to talk? Because of our bad professors, us we lose immense experiences of infancy and adolescence. None of we abandoned the school, nor we were involved in robberies, acts of vandalism, breaking of property, glues, repetncias, use of drugs, we were not imprisoned for no crime and in we form with honor and louvor, leaving our proud parents and mothers of us. It was everything because of our professors. Now that already we form in them and professional famous, we are respected, prosperous, honest and educated we make ours better to be ‘ ‘ professionals maus’ ‘ , as our professors had been. I find that this is one of males of the world of today: ‘ does not have sufficients professors; ‘ maus’ ‘.

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