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Although she is only one of the 0 variable that can and would have to be worked in the school, as psychology and the nutrition. A great relation of the pertaining to school Physical Education with the quality of life and its methods of promotion exists, even so is not, still, total applied in the reality, being in many cases only in the theory. one expects that the subject can be deepened, be spread out and be applied by the professionals of the pertaining to school education, as form to prevent the future presence of the hipocinticas illnesses, educating the society in general, for a more active style of life and far from the factors of risks. Without a doubt the physical activity contributes significantly for one better quality of life. However, it fits in the case some very important exceptions, for our pupils. The physical activities must duly be guided and be folloied by a professional of physical education credential. The objectives of this study had been to show to the pupils the benefits that the lessons of physical Education can bring for its lives. To improve the physical and social ability, and auto-they esteem of the pupils.

To provide to quality of life and well-being, improving its intellectual, social capacities cultural, organic, spirituals and politics. METHODOLOGY the present study has intention to show to the importance of the lessons of Physical Education in the life of the pertaining to school, pointing the aspects of relevance in the improvement of the quality of life and clarifying these so that the physical Education is so important how much the others you discipline of the school therefore it this related with the health of the educandos and well applied contents and some boardings can very be significant being able to have utility for the remaining portion of its lives. ' ' The motor activities in the children represent one of them pillars of the motor proficiency, materialize of this form, a basic component of the child as an important factor of its daily in different environments or envolvimentos: house, school, friends, etc. .

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