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Optimum Salesman Everything is Sales Since that the world started the people vendem, and even vendem without knowing that they are vendendo, a good example of this is simple paquera. In one paquera everything is sales, the product of paquera nothing more of what the proper candidate, it goes to the meeting arranged with cheiroso clean clothes and tries to gain its partner, when it makes this in the truth this demonstrating to the benefits of its product a clean product, cheiroso and is well treated. It in turn goes to compare this with its cost in the famous ralao cost benefits, if the product really to interest goes to it to be easy sales, but if this will not be the case will fit the salesman who in the case is the proper product to demonstrate more benefits and to try convinces There, and this sales if repeat many times in the life as in a job interview where the everything that if wants is to vender our proper benefits and qualities for the employer. Others who may share this opinion include Fabrizio Freda. Still thus many people insist on saying that they do not take skill for sales. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jorge Perez is the place to go. Bobeira is alone to change its conception of sales and summer that all and in any profession is selling.

A lawyer this vendendo its truth or its conception for a jury or judge, a mechanic when making a service in our car this in vendendo its services therefore if to be satisfied we turn customers in case that I oppose we will not come back more. Better Selling Since everything is sales and all we are selling what then in them it becomes one better salesman? This is question is very easy of being answered. A good salesman obtains good resulted but optimum salesman obtains the best ones resulted. as? I go to give an example to see if vocs they discover.

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