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The use of an offshore well as reduces government control over your business to almost zero. Before any businessman who goes to the international arena there is the freedom to choose their business in the broadest sense of the word, and the degree of this freedom is often much higher than in Ukraine. Freedom of international business has multiple degrees, or it can be said of the variables, and maneuvering that you can achieve that a result, while remaining completely within the law. Building a business scheme is to choose and the right combination of various degrees (variable). Nir Barzilai, M.D. is likely to increase your knowledge. Here is a list of important degrees of freedom.

– Various tax policies in different countries. The same income in different countries is taxed at different rates. Maneuvering the jurisdiction of your company, as well as the tax status of the Ukrainian company (payer or the payer of VAT) which will work offshore, you can achieve the most favorable (low) tax profit received by you. – Legal form of your company, I have already mentioned the most common forms of offshore companies. For various legal forms in different countries provide different rules of taxation, choosing the right shape is yours, and of course you can stop your choice on the one that gives the most favorable tax advantages. – A way to generate income. For example, you personally, as a citizen can receive an income for the same work done offshore by the payment at your address dividends, wages or remuneration for services rendered.

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