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Increasingly, young students from the United Kingdom decide to leave their homes for higher education. Gronau: Equipped with English as a mother tongue and a good education, many see their chances in a Bachelor or master study in other European countries. Especially the high tuition fees in the United Kingdom make the academic passage on the island increasingly unattractive. What triggered this trend? How many EU States has hard to fight Great Britain with the consequences of the economic and financial crisis. In addition the alarming development of tuition over the past years. You paid 1,000 in annual tuition, yet uniformly in the late 1990s are already 9,000 pounds. This corresponds to around 11,000 euros. Studying at the universities of Great Britain thus brings a huge financial burden with. Many students can no longer afford to complete even a master’s degree a Bachelor’s degree. Thanks to the unified Bachelor-master system and the numerous opportunities to study in Europe, it has therefore more and more candidates and Bachelor abroad. In addition, many European universities offer a master programme with English-language courses. Therefore, a comfortable entry at the local universities is possible the young British. Students from the UK are an enrichment for international colleges English speakers are a great asset to any international aligned College. In the Lecture Hall, as well as on the campus a linguistic and cultural diversity is a great addition here. Along with the increased demand for master’s programmes in other European countries, the United Kingdom also for the universities students marketing is interesting. Students marketing in the UK is MASTER AND MORE already a successful in Germany, the Switzerland and Austria information service, the potential students and universities together. The information service is now also with represented a fair and an online portal in the UK. On the 7th November 2013 starts the first MASTERS AND MORE study fair in Leeds. Due to the central location of the orientation, the Fair attracts students in many student cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, York and Bradford. In the autumn of 2014, also a show in London is planning next to Leeds. In addition, the online portal offers MASTERS AND MORE British students and European universities is a new communication platform. Master interests here have the opportunity to search specifically for courses and to get detailed profiles about higher education and master’s programme in Europe.

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