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Manual for Survival in the Internet Experts deytingovyh companies say that about half of Runet (and this is 15 million today) from time to time uses dating sites to meet, without leaving the office or at home. But today we'll talk about more important things than dating, relationships or love – about the money. We have tried to calculate how much and in what ways can you make in dating online, if you do not own popular website znakomstv.Pododvinte closer calculator and a blank sheet of paper. The first way is for girls, and lies in the fact that you go to dinner with new friends male, who met with you on a dating site. During the dinner, your new friends are trying to please you, and you … simply dine.

In the past year has flown ooiao story girls from St. Peterbruga that way half a hearty and comfortable to live, eat, paid expenses, and even rented a flat in a strange foreign city at the expense of all new casual acquaintances from the web. Necessary skills: a) to be a girl, b) have the initial skills of managing men. For the second method will not to be a pretty girl, but be sure to have pictures of these girls. You place them in 'their' form and invites visitors to sites on the 'my' home page, which is entirely hung with advertisements. Blogger Alex Exler estimated that showing ads to hundreds of defrauded customers and using dozens of such 'home pages', you can earn up to $ 500 a day, or 15,000 dollars per month.

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