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Neurolinguistic Programming


What means PNL? P.N.L. means Neurolingstica Programming, a name that includes more important and influential components at the time of producing experience in the human being: neurology and programming. The neurological system regulates how our body works: linguistic one talks about to how we were related and we communicated with people. Programming indicates the classes of models of world that we created. The Neurolingstica Programming describes, that relation fundamental between the mind (neuro) and the language (linguistic) and how that interaction among them it affects to our body and our behavior.

P.N.L. allows us to order the components of our thought and to organize our experience of such form that, through the processes neurological, we manage to produce the behaviors adapted to the goals that we want to reach. More information is housed here: Estee Lauder Companies Inc.. To learn PNL is to learn, applying actually technical to obtain quickly wished results. One treats in good measurement, of to model. To model is the process to recreate specific behaviors. In order to be able to model of effective form they are needed a series of resources.

These include: sensorial sharpness, verbal abilities and nonverbal to obtain data of high quality and attitude of curiosity and flexibility for the change. The test of any model resides in being able to secure the same (or better) results that the people or ” modelos” chosen to model. P.N.L. already has modeled ” excelencia” in many fields of continuous the human behavior and progressing in others, among them: education social health, company, services, sports and therapies, etc. Then, that is the PNL: The PNL is the study of the HUMAN EXCELLENCE. The PNL is to acquire the ability to do the best thing, most frequently. The PNL is an approach PRACTICAL AND POWERFUL to obtain personal changes.

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