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Naming Convention Increases Efficiency Of Brainloop Document Compliance Solution


Brainloop Naming Convention allows for efficient cooperation and facilitates the sorting of documents Munich, March 16, 2011 will be a naming convention facilitates the efficient to cooperation with the Brainloop document compliance solution users. A naming convention is to define a binding notation from given name components. It facilitates the subsequent find together thematically related documents the user. Therefore, the naming convention increases a structured cooperation. In particular companies from sectors of pharmaceuticals, banks and real estate will benefit from the uniform designation through a Naming Convention. A Naming Convention works as follows: when a user uploads a file to the document of compliance solution of Brainloop AG, certain spellings are given.

For example, the date can be proposed automatically, or the system suggests categories such as “Contract”, or event”, which is included in the document (see screenshot). This approach within the framework of a Naming Convention allows the simple collation of documents after specific contract numbers and contents that were previously set in a nomenclature created specially for the Naming Convention, so an agreement for the assignment of names for a particular system. The naming convention is freely configurable and there makes sense, where many project participants to upload documents and structured cooperation is essential. In particular our bank customers appreciate the uniform designation of documents with the naming convention for clear reporting to the SoFIN. it difficult to be quoted properly. In terms of real estate relieved the Naming Convention creating electronic records of real estate, in the collections of documents from different places are incorporated. These are no simply no longer finding structured name Award”, Thomas Drechsel, Brainloop AG manifests itself responsible for customer presentations, about the benefits of the Naming Convention. The Brainloop AG with its headquarters in Munich and Boston is about Brainloop AG leading provider of document compliance management (DCM) solutions for the highly secure handling of confidential documents.

The solutions enable complete traceability of all accesses and changes of the document and thus complying with all compliance requirements. The Brainloop AG DCM solutions are web-based. This allows the sensitive processing and sorting of documents across corporate boundaries. Efficient collaboration in a highly secure environment is moving through a highly secure encryption and screening of all documents.

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