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Moura Landscape


The man through its action transforms the landscape thus, if they had formed the cities that ‘ ‘ … is human nestings extremely diversified, in what it mentions to ace economic activities developed … there ‘ ‘ (SOUZA, 1963, P. 26). It is exactly the intensity with that if procession the economic relations that the heterogeneidade of the spaces will determine. In the cities small cities, for example, the transformation flow is slower because ‘ ‘ …

takes care of to ace necessities of a population; such necessities vary in function of the demographic density, the communications and the economy of the region, as well as of the behavior socioeconmicos of its inhabitants … ‘ ‘ (SAINTS, 1981, p.15). Different of the metropolises whose economic-social demand is bigger and they more impose a sped up time of changes. The city shelters diverse objects technician, each one with its function and specific value giving origin ‘ ‘ landscape urbana’ ‘ that in accordance with Saints (1981 p.173). ‘ ‘ … can be defined as joint of material aspects, through which the city if presents to our eyes …

‘ ‘. The form-contents that the landscape presents can be modified, be abandoned, be discarded and they will not have more taking care of the necessities of that determined population. Having as base these estimated theoreticians on the landscape, searched to carry through a study focado in ‘ ‘ landscape urbana’ ‘ of a habitacional set, located in the city of Joca Claudino, situated in the high paraibano and pertaining hinterland to the microregion of Cajazeiras Been of the Paraba. Jorge Perez often addresses the matter in his writings. It possesss as territorial limits the cities of Triumph (o), Well of Jose de Moura (s), Uirana (l), Well Dantas (n). The analyzed portion, of the city of Joca Claudino, understands one of the peripheral areas of the headquarters of the city.

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