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This author points in them, through its studies, some feelings that had been constructed by infancy, throughout the times, since ‘ ‘ invisibilidade’ ‘ in the Average Age, until the feeling of concern, in the modern society. From this important study, other authors and authors if had dedicated to study and to problematizar the subject and today we have significant contributions to infancies, as much in studies in Brazil: Kuhlmann Jr & Fernandes, Redin and Didonet, Ana Cristina Thin Coll, as in other countries, to cite Francesco Tonucci (Italy), Catherine Toms, Young chicken & Manuel Sarmento (Portugal), among others and others. Kuhlmann Jr. and Fernandes (2004) says of the diversity of infancies, arguing that we cannot think the subject, disdaining the lived context, the society, the cultures. For these authors, the term must be used in the plural one, that is, infancies, since, according to them, this time that happens in the life of all and all, happens distinct, but it is thus, condition of all child. Of this form, the question of ‘ is problematizada; ‘ to have or not to have infncia’ ‘ , debated for some, where in this conception, child without infancy would not exist, but yes, diverse infancies, lived deeply in different spaces and cultures. According to Statute of the Child and Adolescent ECA (1990), child, citizen, therefore, of infancy, is the time that goes of the birth to the twelve incomplete years of age.

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