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Information audio clips – the most common form of advertising on the radio. Kratknoe and simple advertising message. Minimum audio effects, sometimes even without musical accompaniment. The secret to the popularity of information videos among advertisers is that this is the cheapest form of radio advertising. Bet on the informational audio clips if you need to promptly inform the audience about new promotions campaign. Promo audio clips require more serious approach to the compilation of the script.

As with any advertising queries regarding image. In planning an advertising campaign, please note that the deadline for developing an audio you much more. Send request for the manufacture of audio you a fashion as possible. Perhaps in the process of recording a need to fix the script or movie, or intonation of the actor. Game audio clips.

It is in this genre, most advertising masterpieces. Every advertiser hopes that his movie will repeat it. However, this is not always the case. To create a successful game audio you need to take into account many factors. Literate script, brilliant acting, professional work of sound designer. Music audio clips. With proper execution of your movie can be a real hit. Just do not be to replace the words of popular songs. Using the author's music in advertising permissible only with the consent of its author. For the manufacture of musical audio clips production studios use the library or write a unique arrangement. Imennopoetomu price record the music video is much higher than all other types of radio advertising. No matter what genre you choose the audio you, the quality of your advertisement will provide: An Exact Exposition of the terms of reference. Each production studio before working on the order offer fill out the form brifa.Chem more you describe your wishes, the better it will fit them rolik.Stsenary advertising, should be written in an experienced copywriter. Even if you think you pick up a good story is not so difficult, do not forget that audio advertising has its own rules and methods. Therefore it is best to entrust the preparation of the advertising text selection spetsialistu.Gramotny experienced announcers. Once approved transcript ask show you samples of narration. Check the casting vote, if you doubt that the manager of the studio took note your wishes. Try to monitor progress on a roller at each stage, Tell your thoughts sound engineer, pay attention to his point of view. And as a result of this cooperation is your advertising will sound decent.

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