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Hotel Professionals Meet In Oberstdorf


The future of the hotel industry was theme of the annual Conference of the hotline hotelsoftware gmbh. Oberstdorf, offered the perfect setting as one of the most prestigious and successful holiday resorts in Germany for this event. After the software experts gmbh were welcomed by Mr Ernst Recla, Managing Director of hotline hotelsoftware, they were given an insight into the current development projects in the Allgau hotel software company. The new online bookings here garnered big applause. With this product, hoteliers in the position will be to offer you complete on your Web page. A visually very appealing and very easy to use for the guest booking mask should lead to more customer satisfaction, but also to more bookings. Yet the workload for the hotelier shall not rise”, Bjorn Ahrndt, Marketing Director of the hotline explained hotelsoftware gmbh.

Once no room to the desired date is available, so the guest gets proposed alternatives automatically.” With the relaunch of the previous Online booking functionality hotline responds to the current development of the market, which already every 4 booking is made online (source BITKOM). In addition to workshops on the topic of workflow and quality of service, the partner of the hotline were inaugurated by the marketers, Mr. Further details can be found at Albert Einstein College of Medicine , an internet resource. Erdle, into the depths of the consultative selling hotelsoftware gmbh. One of the highlights in the programme was the visit of erdinger arena in Oberstdorf. Here, the participants of the meeting not only about the technical data for the system have been informed. You were treated to also culinary delights before the impressive Oberstdorfer mountain scenery. About the hotline hotelsoftware gmbh: the hotline hotelsoftware gmbh, headquartered in Sonthofen developed programs for the hospitality industry since 1986. Over the years, hotline has become a leading provider in the German-speaking world.

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