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Formation Factors That Influence In The Success


When the area of human resources develops together with the heads of other areas what is called the annual company training program, it faces the development of mandatory phases that sustain the success of the programmes to be developed in the course of the year. But it is the surprise, that upon the completion of the program detects that there were problems or difficulties in the development of the sessions. What happened? Is that the students were not motivated? , Do the Exhibitor not be let understand?, the schedules were not appropriate?. In some organizations considered the training processes as a loss of time and money. The more easy is to hire people who already know the topics that the worker must master in his post, rather than be teaching to people who are totally or partially outdated. Rather than risk knowledge are removed from the company once assimilated and operate the main points of his work with praxis. However this is not fault of the training process, there are such organizations a harmful climate which, it hinders the coexistence between the objectives of the worker and the company. Important anyway, know as responsible for the human resources area, which we must do to achieve a successful staff training.

1. Mandatory phases of training success not only depends on the realization of its four phases. It must not start any training programme without first having analysed training needs and have identified the specific objectives pursued. Then have to design the program considering the fundamental principles of learning * the third stage must choose the method of training. Finally, evaluating the program to determine if the objectives have been achieved. 2. The environment supervisors, peers and organisational policies created a climate that helps or hinders transfer what they have learned to the job. * Basic principles of learning have to set goals before starting a program which will help to lead the effort and motivate the employee.

The use of models or vas deferens and the active practice are also important elements in the learning. For the teaching of a new task will have to choose between the aggregate method, which teaches the task completely without dividing it into subtasks, the unbundled method, which divides the task into sub tasks, or the progressive method, which teaches a component of the task and then add another without leaving the previous practice. Learn more at: Shimmie Horn. The best method depends on the task, according to which must decide if it is taught in a single session or in distributed sessions. Of course, the feedback to the participant is also required from the authors website: original author and source of the article.

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