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To also make with that they they perceive that they are active agents in its futures. Another subject used as myth form and truths on DST? contraceptive s and methods to take to reflect them it on myths related to the sexually transmissible anatomy, physiology, contraception and illnesses (DST). Still approaching the sexuality subject we work with clarifications about contraceptive methods and DST with intention Informing and sensetizing regarding DST/AIDS, to supply information on the process of engravidar, arguing the physical and psychological manifestation and repercussions in the adolescence and to argue the concept of Familiar Planning and To guide on contraceptive methods. We arrive at the subject ' ' escolhas' ' , where it was possible to review all the boarded subjects until the moment, being able to make possible to the adolescent its auto knowledge, as well as the identification of its interests and definition of its project of life, remembering the importance of the individual choices during the vital cycle and its possible consequences. We present still some courses of Graduation in the region, governmental programs of stock markets of estudos.para to increase the knowledge of the possibilities of graduation in the region clarification of some areas of professional performance, as well as pointing alternatives of scholarship of governmental programs showing that it is possible that people with low income have the chance to study. Finally we carry through the conclusion of the project and the farewell with the groups approaching the gotten objectives and results and one brief quarrel on what the pupils had apprehended of the project and its transformations in elapsing of the same. FINAL CONSIDERAES In the accomplishment of the present project of period of training of Intervention in the area of Psychology and educative processes got success how much to the considered development and objectives it. We develop some works directed to the pupils involving questions of vision and perspective of future and the pressures about the same, and subjects which are inherent in a group of adolescents, as well as sexuality, market of work, expectations, etc.

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