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False Cleaning Programs


He is very habitual to listen the users to complain on the slowness of the computer or on if its apparatus it does not work like would have, without thinking that the reason by which it works thus is because the maintenance and the necessary cleaning have not done him so that the computer is correct. For that reason, the maintenance of the equipment is so important coverall in the offices. The maintenance of computers also includes the cleaning tasks. But from here, we alerted all those that you want to do it in house with programs through Internet which you are alert because all the programs are not effective and many of them are false and in addition they include spy programs that will destroy all the information of your computer. Through a window that warns the user who is finished the cleaning process, the false program of cleaning, tries to deceive and to spy on the contents of the users. For that reason, it is necessary to have well-taken care of with the programs that lower by Internet and with the opinion of the same. We advise that, before beginning to clean your PC, you inform to you into as they are guarantees of the program and the experience in equipment that each has. These are lois points basic stops a good maintenance of computers..

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