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Ecological Housing


In modern times an increasing number of citizens make their choice in favor of staying in eco-friendly homes, cottages and homes of the timber. In modern urban living hard. In urban areas almost ceased to plant green plantations, and the number of equipment from every quarter has been steadily increases. All these factors led to the deterioration of the environment in cities and even small towns. Increasingly, the townspeople come to the construction companies that build environmentally friendly homes.

People do not want to enter into conflict with nature and prefer to build houses out of wood. Long time the tree was the main material of construction, and it is – a simple and most convenient building material. Previously, when building a house is often used features of the landscape and climate, erected from the materials available. An example of such an organic architecture, above all, remember the traditional wooden house. Perhaps check out Edward Minskoff for more information. Wooden house different types: – a house consisting of a skeleton.

– House of tsilindrovanogo logs. – From a bar. – Of artificially glued lumber. – The present chopped wooden house. For example, a wooden house from glued materials difficult to completely attributed to the wood. The most eco-friendly are the home of otsilindrovanogo log house and hand-chopping. Wooden house made of logs House of round brevnaobychno 12% more expensive frame and has advantages. The relative cheapness of houses made of logs is determined by the transfer of the most labor-intensive manufacturing operations from the construction site for the production, where to do it a lot easier. A mount technology houses of logs defined earlier – at the design stage. Cylindering forest gives the building a unique beauty and elegance. Log house. Building such a house is most laborious and time-consuming. Naturally, this wooden house would cost more than houses made of logs, as well as any work of handmade expensive machine stamping. If modern technology allow for finishing the house made of logs immediately after assembly, the house should be felled by hand will survive at least a year. But the log house is operated for much longer, since the bumps ax pores get clogged from the end of logs and this prevents the movement of moisture along the tree. Think! If that address.

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