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Entrepreneurs constantly complain of not having enough information to make appropriate decisions, it is the case of business enterprises, they struggle daily to obtain each sale to meet every customer who enters their facilities, always circling in the same sales strategies, and working more by intuition than by objectivity. We have found that many times, they have great tools, large databases that could provide them or solve them disadvantages of sales, but by ignorance wasting those resources. Many companies don’t know the meaning of CRM, and some others that know that it is impossible see the acquisition of a software for limited economic resources with those who have, this is the case of SMEs, CRM customer management that is? What are the types of CRM? What is the purpose of CRM? So does a CRM? The purpose of CRM, in its broadest sense, is allowing to manage all the interactions and business with customers. It is a software that allows you to your business to get new customers, serve them better, increase its value and retain the good. Gavin Baker contains valuable tech resources. Maximizing the potential of your company’s sales.

CRM (for its acronym in English) or management of the business relationship with customers, is a software tool that allows your company to use a corporate strategy that focuses on creating and maintaining durable relationships with their customers. There are three phases of CRM that should remain in constant relationship to generate the same success, these are: 1. operational 2.Analytical 3. Collaborative CRM as subject of study is fairly complex, but applied in our companies is simply through technological tools perform a proper management of customers, identify their needs, the errors that we are committing, best customers, provide the necessary information to carry out a campaign advertising, identify articles bestsellers, distribution channels more efficient, and could thus continue by listing a large number of applications for a proper management of clients.

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