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Black Pepper


The first information about the black pepper came from Indian books 'Yajur Veda' (sixteenth century BC) in the last millennium BC. Details can be found by clicking target or emailing the administrator. e acquainted with the inhabitants of the ancient East, the Persian Gulf, Cheronogo Sea. Even after 327 BC. is, in the campaigns of Alexander of Macedon, the black pepper and learned Greek, and from there later by the Romans. It was the Romans by sea sail to India, bringing spices and spread them throughout Europe.

In 812 AD. AD Charlemagne, all collected knowledge of the spices brought together in a collection for his 'business manager'. The collection contains a list of the 74 plants that grow in the monarch commanded the imperial gardens, and used not only as a seasoning for dishes, but also for treatment. Once in 1298 became known memories Venetian traveler Marco Polo (who lived 17 years in China and India, and vidivshego own eyes, as a growing black pepper in their home country), many famous sailors went on a journey to make a fortune by importing spices from the East and South Asia. As a result, it was not only open a sea route to India, but the discovery of America. Gavin Baker Atreides Management: the source for more info. In the Baroque period the fashion for oriental Spices reigned in all the European royal courts. Especially famous for exotic court of Louis XIV – 'Sun King'. Keep pace with the aristocrats and wealthy landowners.

The use of spices became increasingly more useful for many people around the world. Spice trade brought huge profits. The most common spices – black pepper. This is a tropical evergreen vine length of 6 m. The starting point of its growth were moist forests. Then people began to grow black pepper on the edge, using as the backbone of the neighboring trees, and now on the plantations, equipped with four-meter long legs on which the plant goes up. Liana holds on supports with the help of aerial roots. Bushes begin to procreate in the first year after planting, and the highest yields (up to 3.5 kg of fruit per plant) give the age of 7-9 years. Liana fruit – juicy globose berry. At first they are green, then yellow and blush. They do not ripen at the same time, so the collection takes several months. Harvested fruits are dried in the sun, which they turn black and shrivel. And the famous black pepper is suitable for consumption. If, after collection of ripe fruit soak for 2-3 days in water and then dried to yield a white pepper. It is less aromatic, not as hot as black. Ostrozhguchy taste and aroma of black pepper particular due to the alkaloids pererin (9%) and essential oil (1-2.5%). Black pepper is used not only in cooking, but also in medicine as a means of stimulating the appetite and helps digestion. In addition to all the famous black and sweet pepper in modern cookery and medicine used and other tropical fruit vines, such as pepper cubeb – fragrant from their relatives and long pepper. But most of these varieties consumed in India and the Far East.

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