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Angel Of Death


His appearance really varies throughout life, as well as its ability to reasonably responsible for their own actions. Estee Lauder CEO has plenty of information regarding this issue. Pluto is the same in his horoscope in the 1911 house, which indicates a dangerous environment for people who use it and have a negative impact on his psyche and health. And then there is the most bitter and terrible theme in his horoscope – the theme of the Angel of Death, which delivered in June last point in his life. Angel of Death is presented in his horoscope multiple planets, and above all Proserpine. It occupies a very important place in his natal chart and is right on Ascendant. It is dedicated planet which is also a significator Sun, in other words, the Sun Michael Jackson is in Virgo and the planet Proserpine manages Virgin. The sun is known to be responsible for health and being, for vitality.

And Proserpina – an indicator of longevity, as well as an indicator of what the doctors will surround the man and how his treatment will take place. It is no coincidence that it was Proserpine – ruler of 11 homes horoscope, which again were the sun and Pluto. Full circle! This "cohesion" of the three planets – Pluto, the Sun and Proserpine – which means that doctors and friends of Michael were together and that his treatment is associated with more all the mysteries and miseries. Will not be surprising if it finds that "people in white robes and were present for the singer black angels of death.

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