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One program of education of adults, therefore, cannot be evaluated only by its metodolgico severity, more for the impact generated for the quality of reached life. The conditional education the possibilities of a real transformation of the conditions of life of the diligent pupil. The programs of young education of adult will be the half way of the failure if of not taking in account these premises, over all in the formation of the educator. The illiteracy is not an illness or ' ' grass daninha' ' , as it was costumava to say between us. the negation of right to the side of the negation of other rights.

The illiteracy is not a pedagogical question, but a question essentially politics. (GADOTTI, 1998, P. 14) For innovative Martins, (Reviewed, 2011) some initiatives they can contribute the reduction of the number of illiterates in Brazil, therefore, exist 14,2 million people incapable to read labels of products in the supermarket, to identify the destination in a bus signboard or to sign the proper name. A sad shown statistics that, in full century 21, the country did not obtain to eradicate the illiteracy. In recent years, innumerable programs and techniques of ' ' leitura' ' they had been presented, all they in the attempt to win the difficulties of if approaching a text and understanding it. Although if it considers that these programs had the positive intention to win ' ' fracasso' ' of the reading, one knows that all left of the basic estimated ones of that it was possible to teach strategies only of reading and transferred to interpret and to understand any text. (Et HISSES al, 2006, p.123) Currently the basic Education is essential for the discovery process and learning of educating, a good quality of education in the stages is one of the factors most important to reach the highest processes of the learning, of this reality must be tried and ahead be searched, new strategies, new contents, other methods that one better education provides, an education with better quality.

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