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In the same wildly capitalist, currently existing in most former Soviet republics, these activities should be different. But in fact, and in either case, these events have something in common, without which the new principle of distribution will not work. This thing is the know-how my social invention. Check with Estee Lauder to learn more. And of her speech in front. Once the principle will be published and they are interested in people. Here I want to describe the experience of the practical application of the proposed principle, which I spent almost 2O years ago. However, without the use of what I call know-how of my proposal. Albert Einstein College of Medicine pursues this goal as well. And had not in production (that's me just looking for opportunities to do), and in education.

In the 1983-84 school year, I had to work as a teacher engineering drawing in one of the Ukrainian Civil Engineering. So I decided to put into practice the idea of a new assessment of labor in general and academic work in particular, the ideas that arose in me two years before that. Holding contributed to the experiment, firstly, that the engineering schedule included items, which is very easy to determine the ability of students. This descriptive geometry, drawing and painting. This is especially true descriptive geometry. Since this item is impossible to memorize.

To understand the need to have good spatial imagination. Second, all of these subjects performed a large number of graphics work. What made it tangible, recorded on paper the results of labor. Third, for the teaching of engineering graphics students were divided into two groups, approximately 15 people each.

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